Nebraska Department of Roads

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State of Nebraska Department of Roads
Main Office
P.O. Box 94759, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-4759
1500 Highway 2, Lincoln, Nebraska 68502
Tel (402) 471-4567    Fax (402) 479-4325
TDD (402) 479-3834


ALL mail addressed to the Nebraska Department of Roads MUST have a specific division and/or employee noted on the outside of the envelope or package.

Any mail which does not have specific routing information may be returned to the sender or destroyed.

Doing Business Travel & Weather

Contractors' Corner (lettings. letting plans, payments, DBE, Standard Item List, SubContract Info, Bidding Info, who to contact with your questions re: Contractors and Construction)


Reference Manuals:

Information For You Agency Information

Agency Programs & Related Publications

The Roadrunner (NDOR employee newsletter)

Outside Links (Items on Links page)

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  • Link to State of Nebraska Homepage


INTRANET (password req.)

Agency History

Agency Divisions/Sections

General Transportation Information General Transportation Information cont.

Personal Vehicles

Bus Information - Transit Directory

Commercial Motor Carrier Drivers




Hiking & Biking

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