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Mission Statement

We provide resources (environmental products and services; project definition; utilities, consultants, and agreement services) that other Divisions/Districts need to develop a safe and efficient highway system that is environmentally compatible and cost effective.

Division Duties and Responsibilities

The Planning & Project Development Division is responsible for:

  • Providing engineering reviews and corridor studies on selected highway projects.

  • Coordination with local, state, and federal agencies to assist in the evaluation of engineering alternatives and environmental impacts associated with highway projects.

  • Obtaining environmental approvals, 404 permits, and floodplain permits.

  • Providing liaison with utilities, consultants, and political subdivisions.

  • Preparing, negotiating, and administering engineering and other agreements with utilities, consultants, and political subdivisions.


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Long Range Transportation Plan

NDOR Annual Report

  • Research planning related information.

  • Coordinates the measurement of the Department's performance indicators.

  • Publishes and updates the Department's performance measurement report.

  • Measures the level of the Department employees' satisfaction.

  • Measures the level of internal customer satisfaction between divisions and districts.

  • Coordinates the measurement of external customer satisfaction.

  • Coordinates and administers informational surveys.

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The Agreements and Consultant Services Section reports directly to the Project Development Engineer and is responsible for:

  • Preparing, coordinating, reviewing, distributing and maintaining (through the Agreement Monitoring System) agreements, other than those associated with right-of-way acquisition, purchasing, or the contracts and bonds for highway construction.

  • Providing liaison with consulting engineering firms, participating in the selection of and negotiation with consultants, and maintaining certification records of consultants.

  • Reviewing consultant billings and submitting them for payment and audit.

  • Submitting audits to consultants and recommending settlement, if necessary.

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Division Contacts
Art Yonkey, Division Engineer 402-479-4795
Cindy Veys, Environmental Section Manager 402-479-4410
Len Sand, Environmental Analyst Supervisor 402-479-4411
Steve McBeth, Corridor Studies Engineer 402-479-4417
Jim Wilkinson, Corridor Studies Engineer 402-479-4421
David Schoenmaker, Traffic Data Collection Engineer 402-479-3924
Jerred Reed , Traffic Data Collection Shop Supervisor 402-479-4509
Ron Schlautman, Traffic Analysis & Urban Liaison Engineer 402-479-4338
Jim Schurr, Planning & Measurement Engineer 402-479-4416
Mark Ottemann, Utilities/Noise & Air Studies Engineer 402-479-4684
Dawn Allyn, Agreements Engineer 402-479-4778
Jason Jurgens, Highway Environmental Programs Manager (Environmental Permits Unit) 402-479-4418

Ronald Poe, Highway Environmental Programs Manager (Roadside Stabilization)


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