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Corridor Studies Unit

The Location Studies Section reports directly to the Project Development Engineer and is responsible for:

Performing preliminary engineering and preparing engineering review reports for selected projects on existing highways; and performing and/or reviewing location studies and engineering reports for highways on new alignment.

Reviewing excess lands and abandoned railroad rights-of-way adjacent to state highways to determine their suitability for use or sale.

Reviewing airport plans and modifications for compatibility with local highways.

Traffic Analysis & Urban Planning Unit

  • Administers Nebraska's Traffic Monitoring System.
  • Prepares Traffic Flow Maps and Truck Weight Studies, and a Traffic Count Data and Traffic Characteristics" annual report.
  • Develops factors for converting raw counts to Average Daily Traffic & Designa Hourly Volumes.
  • Develops historic trend forecasts based on a 20-year history of the counts taken on the state highway system.
  • Analyzes all traffic counts on state highways including the Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) raw count data.
  • Performs all NDOR Traffic Forecasting, including any traffic modeling and subarea traffic analysis.
  • Reviews all urban area traffic assignment network models.
  • Serves as NDOR's MPO Liaison to Omaha, Lincoln, and Sioux City areas.
  • Attends the MPO's Transportation Technical Advisory meetings.
  • Reviews the MPO's Work Programs, Transportation Improvement Programs, and Long Range Comprehensive Plans in regard to federal requirements.
  • Serves as the State Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator (See "Hiking & Biking" Link).

Comprehensive Plan Info

View/download 2003 brochure explaining the plan and application criteria
The 2003 Brochure
is the current version

(There are several formats available. HOWEVER, we urge you to download and read the Brochure first.)

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Traffic Data Collection Unit

Collects traffic data statewide through the use of manual, portable, and automated counters. Data collected includes count only, count and classification, and weight-in-motion.

  • Collect WIM (Weigh In Motion) data at 33 sites per year using portable recorders.
  • Collect continuous ATR (Automatic Traffic Recorders) count data at 66 locations across the state. Of these sites 51 also classify the types of vehicles.
  • Collect data from nearly 8000 portable road tube and non-intrusive radar count locations on a rotating two-year cycle.
  • Data is also collected from 181 manual sites, four times per year for turning movements, seasonal flow, and classification.
  • Review hazardous waste and fuel storage sites affected by highway construction and provide preliminary plans of action.

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