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Mark Ottemann
Utilities Engineer

Utilities Summit 2004 Wrap-Up

Overview of Responsibilities

List of Nebraska Utility Companies

Utility Coordinators & Permit Officers

NDOR Policy for Accommodating Utilities on State Right of Way
(includes permits & forms)


The Utilities Section is responsible for:

  • Providing liaison with utility companies.

  • Reviewing utility billings and submitting them for payment and subsequent audit review.

  • Coordinating with municipalities for the rehabilitation of their owned and operated utilities on highway projects.

  • Reviewing highway project plans and programming documents and performing field inspections to determine utility ownerships and identify potential conflicts within or adjacent to highway projects.

  • Providing utility input into the Engineering Reviews prepared by the division to determine the most satisfactory and economical location or design adjustments versus utility adjustments.

  • Requesting input from utility companies and reviewing and approving their plans, specifications, and estimates.

  • Issuing the Utilities Status Report to the Construction Division for use in contract special provisions, informing the Construction Division when to notify municipalities and utility companies to begin work, and transmitting documentation to field personnel.

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Type of Utility
(click on the underlined name to view the list)
List Revision Date
Telecommunications (combines Cable & Telephone) 9-2005
Pipeline Companies 9-2005
Power Districts 9-2005
Rural Water Districts 6-2002

Contact Rex Wilson at NDOR if you have any questions about the lists


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