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Environmental Section
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Environmental Section

The Environmental Section is responsible for:

  • Evaluation of social, economic and environmental impacts of road construction projects. Obtaining project approvals from the Federal Highway Administration on projects with federal involvement. Preparation of environmental studies and evaluation documents for road construction projects, in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Providing liaison between the Department, government agencies, consultants and the public on environmental issues.

  • Providing liaison with the Paleontological and Archaeological Highway Salvage Program. Coordination between the Nebraska State Historical Preservation Office and the Nebraska Department of Roads, regarding preservation of historic bridges.

  • Coordinating with the U.S. Corps of Engineers and other agencies for permit acquisition when projects involve waterways, wetlands and floodplains. Identification and development of wetland mitigation sites, including establishment of wetland mitigation banks.

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Noise & Air Section

Noise Policy

The Noise & Air Section is responsible for:

  • Performing noise and air quality studies to determine the environmental impact of projects.

  • Preparing final noise reports.

  • Designing noise abatement solutions.

  • Conducting public hearings to address noise and air impacts.

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