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Approved Products List

NDOR Approved Products List
Standard Specification 1001.03

Materials identified on the Approved Products List may be incorporated into the work by notifying the Engineer of the specific brand name that is to be used.

Materials identified on the Approved Products List do not require a certificate of compliance or certified test report unless the need for such a  document is specifically identified in the list or the specifications.


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Section I Portland Cement Concrete Index
See Below for Links to Acceptance Policy for Cement and Fly Ash
Section II Bituminous Index 8-6-04
Section III Lighting Signs & Traffic Control Index 5-21-04
Section IV Roadside Development and Erosion Control Index


Section V Paint Systems For Structural Steel Index 3-1-03
Section VI Miscellaneous Index 6-4-04
Policy For Testing of Concrete Culvert and Sewer Pipe and Concrete Flared-End Sections 1-28-04
* Acceptance Policy For Cement 5-21-04
* Acceptance Policy For Fly Ash 5-21-04
* What's New in 2003 12-31-03
* What's New in 2004 8-13-04
* Items Removed in 2003 9-12-03
* Items Removed in 2004 7-23-04

New Product Evaluation Procedure  (in PDF)
New Product Evaluation Form (in PDF)

* Click Here to Download Entire Approved Products List (zip)  

Materials added to the Approved Products List after the letting date of a project may be incorporated into the work even though they were not listed on the letting date.

Materials not identified on the Approved Products List may be used provided:

a. The specifications or special provisions specify that the material must meet appropriate ASTM, AASHTO, Federal, other specifications, and

b. There are no other NDOR specification requirements such as required testing by NDOR prior to use, and

c. A certificate of compliance and/or certified test report is submitted to the  Engineer
by the Contractor prior to incorporating the material into the work.

Suppliers and vendors with materials that may qualify for addition to the Approved Products List may use the New Products Evaluation Form  found in the website, or should contact the Physical Testing Section, NDOR Materials and Research Division, at (402) 479-4746, for the required material and/or documentation submittal requirements.