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Roadway Design

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Division Units & Their General Function & Responsibilities

Division Contacts & Areas of Responsibility
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Main Division Phone 402-479-4601
Division Manager/Design Engineer
Design Standards
Expressways & Major Arterials - Group A
Expressways & Major Arterials - Group B
Urban, Resurfacing & Lighting
Assistant Design Engineer - Design Support
Geodetic Preliminary & Aerial Survey
ROW Survey

Photogrammetry (Scanning, Aerial Triangulation, Orthos, Mosaics,
Topographic (3D), Planimetric (2D)

Plan Development


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Design Standards

  • The Design Standards Unit is responsible for:
    • Updating design policy, procedures and standards.

Plan Review

  • Reviewing plans prior to submittal to the Plans and Specifications Unit.

Design Support

  • The Design Support Section is responsible for:
    • Drafting of preliminary and final design plans by hand, and using computer aided drafting.
    • Preparing public hearing displays and visual aids for other divisions.
    • All photogrammetric activities including aerial analytical triangulation, analog and analytical stereo-plotter work for topographic and terrain features.
    • Coordination of geodetic survey and aerial photography for photogrammetric survey.
    • Authorizing and coordinating preliminary, right-of-way, hydraulic and any additional surveys.
    • Perform geodetic survey as required for Photogrammetry.
    • Maintain geodetic and preliminary survey records.
    • Perform land survey activities as required.
    • Performs Hydrologic/Hydraulic studies for Design Section, Districts and Legal Staff.
    • Provides training and support for design staff.
    • Determines policy as it pertains to Hydraulics.
    • Proposes, monitors and implements Hydraulic research.
    • Represents NDOR on Hydraulic issues to the public and other government agencies.


  • The Interstate Section is responsible for preparing and reviewing plans, specifications, and estimates for projects on the interstate system.


Expressways and Major Arterials Group A & Group B

  • The Expressways and Major Arterials Groups A & B are responsible for preparing and reviewing plans, specifications, and estimates for projects for expressways and major arterials.

Computer Applications

  • The Computer Applications Unit is responsible for:
    • Processing photogrammetric and field surveys for creation of plan sheets.Provide technical support, maintenance, training and configuration of software and hardware used by Roadway Design and the Department.
    • Requesting the purchase of hardware and software needs for Roadway design.

Urban Unit

  • The Urban and Resurfacing Section is responsible for preparing and reviewing plans, specifications and estimates for projects on off-system federal-aid urban roads, and urban highways in the state highway system.
    • Determining the location, program definition, design and preparation of all safety and enhancement improvement projects.
    • Coordinating various federal-aid programs available for cities with a population of 5,000 or greater.
    • Assisting cities in obtaining engineering services, consulting with city officials as necessary to assure Department responsiveness to their problems.

Office Services

  • Directly responsible to the Roadway Design Engineer.
  • Responsible for incoming and outgoing correspondence.
  • Directing inquiries to appropriate area(s).
  • Responsible for project files and plans in the Roadway Design vault.
  • Ordering and dispensing of supplies for the division and processing division payroll.

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