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Right of Way Division

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Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide the right of way for the state transportation system in order to meet the needs of the public.

Division Location
NDOR Right of Way Division
PO Box 94759
Lincoln, NE 68509-4759
1600 Highway 2
Lincoln, NE  68502-5482
Toll Free 1-800-764-0422
Main Phone (402) 479-4761 
FAX (402) 479-3991

Division Contacts

Randy Needham, Division Manager
(402) 479-4761
Gary Britton, Assistant Manager
(402) 479-4761
Dean Hume, Chief Appraiser
(402) 479-4716
Donald Schulz, Negotiation/Relocation Supervisor
(402) 479-4488
Jean Todd, Highway Beautification Supervisor
(402) 479-4463
Dan Foreman, Right of Way Design Engineer
(402) 479-3726
Frank Blankenau, Property Management Supervisor
(402) 479-4770
Roxanne Sullivan, Local Public Agency ROW Coordinator
(402) 479-4490
Dave Ells, Right of Way Web Page Questions    
 (402) 479-3750

Responsibilities & Services Contacts

Acquisition of Property (402) 479-4488
Appraisals (402) 479-4716
Banners (402) 479-4770
Billboards (402) 479-4463
Corridor Protection (402) 479-4770
Right-of-Way Design Engineering (402) 479-3726
Excess Land (402) 479-4770
General Right-of-Way Info (402) 479-4761
Local Public Agency Projects (402) 479-4490
Negotiations (402) 479-4488
Property Management (402) 479-4770
Real Estate (402) 479-4761
Relocation Assistance (402) 479-4488


Training and Education

The Right of Way Division has developed a comprehensive training and education plan that enables permanent full-time division employees to achieve and maintain the skills needed to perform their jobs in a capable and professional manner.

Courses have been selected and categorized into three types:

  • Foundation courses: These courses provide the foundation of education and instruction for the basic work of the division. 
  • Fundamental courses: These courses expand the fundamental knowledge of those working in specific functions. 
  • Special Emphasis courses:  These courses are available for those in the division who are interested in additional education.  The employee must request the course and management must concur.

Continuing education for license and designation holders is also provided. These courses are targeted for those who require continuing education in order to maintain their license or designation from a professional organization. To be eligible, the professional organization must be nationally or locally recognized and directly relate to the employee’s duties.

Advanced appraisal courses are available for staff Certified General appraisers who desire to obtain additional appraisal education.

View the Right of Way Education Policy