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Downloadable Files


MICROSTATION STANDARDS for Right of Way Division
(self-extracting ZIP files)

Metric Units 
(updated May 19, 2004)

Cell Libraries (196K) mrowcel.exe
Design Files (230K)  mrowdgn.exe
MDL Files (83K) mrowmdl.exe

English Units 
(updated May 19, 2004)

Cell Libraries(680K) erowcel.exe
Design Files (280K) erowdgn.exe
MDL Files (83K) erowmdl.exe

GEOPAK FILES for Right of Way Division

GeoPak File
Date Updated
Description of Update
ROW Staking (2.5M)
General Updates-documentation added on the use of the file
ROW Staking - Station Order Report (77K)
First Posting
Station & Offset Label File
First Posting