Using DjVU

DjVU is a document-image encoding platform that achieves file-size reductions as high as 1,500:1. Viewed with the Free DjVU Browser plug-in below, you have the power to rapidly pan documents in real time, zoom from 5% to 1,000% and isolate text and graphic layers for easy inspection.

NDOR Advises the Use of the latest version of Internet Explorer to view these files

DjVU will not replace PDF on our website, but will be an addition to the methods we use to deliver web pages. By utilizing each method of file compression (Adobe Acrobat and DjVU) to do what it does best, NDOR will be able to provide you with large files in faster view/download times than has been previously possible.

Print this page and keep it next to your computer for a handy reference!

New to DjVU? Start by Downloading the Free Viewer

Windows, Mac, Unix

click here to begin downloading the Free DjVU reader


This is a one-time download and it will enable you to view and download any items encoded in DjVU. You may also use it to view anything created in DjVU after you've downloaded it. It will automatically identify DjVU format. There will be no icon on your desktop.

1. Click on the "Download DjVU Plug-in" button to the left, or CLICK THIS TEXT LINK.

2. Clicking on the button will take you to the DjVu site and you may select the version of the download that fits your computer system. The default selection is for Windows. Click on Mac or Unix if you need that instead.

Most people will not need administrator's privileges to install this reader. However, if you have difficulty installing the free reader, check with your company's Tech Support person to make sure you can install programs. If not, they can install it for you.

3. As the Reader is installed, follow the instructions on the pop-up screens.

Using the DjVu Toolbar

DjVU toolbar icon-no action

DjVu Viewer Toolbar

The DjVU Toolbar is located the top of the viewer window in your browser. It will appear similar to the Acrobat Reader Toolbar.

Click on the DjVU file you wish to open

Next, click on the DjVU file you wish to see. It will be loaded into your browser in the DjVU Viewer.

REMEMBER...Even though DjVU files are much smaller than a PDF version of the same file would be, they may still be large files and may take some time to load if you are using a dial-up modem. If you are viewing a "bundled" file, it will load page by page. For example, you will be able to view page 1 before you will be able to see page 10.

arrows icon-no action

When the file opens in your browser window, use the forward and back arrows on the DjVU Toolbar to navigate through the planset. (If the arrows are not visible, maximize your browser to fill your entire screen.)

Zoom & Pan
With DjVU these are done in "real time" and you don't have to wait for a screen redraw

zoom control icons-no action

Use any of the various Zoom buttons/controls to enlarge/reduce areas.

define zoom icon-no action

To Pan, select the Hand button, hold down the Left Mouse button and drag the item in the window to where you want it.

MAGNIFYING GLASS: While in Pan, hold down the Control key and a square window will appear that will work like a magnifying glass.

Print the Files

printer icon-no action

To print a DjVU file, DO NOT use the Print key in your regular browser window. You must use the print icon in your DjVU window. Then you may use your printer settings to print either a portion of the file that is in your window, or "shrink to fit" the file to the paper size you have in your printer.

Download the Files to Your Computer

diskette icon-no action

You may download the file without if opening it by RIGHT clicking on it and saving it to it to your computer.

You may also download the file by clicking on the diskette icon on the DjVU Toolbar at the top of the screen. You will be able to save them to a directory of your choice on your computer and rename them to suit yourself. Then you may view the files at your leisure and they will appear in your DjVu Reader Window.

More questions on DjVU ?? Contact the NDOR Webmaster