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Last Updated: 11/03/2003
November 13, 2003 Contract Letting

The Department of Roads has scheduled a bid letting to be held in this office
November 13, 2003 at 1:30 p.m.

The downloadable package includes the Notice to Contractors includes:

1. Website Information
2. Notice to all Bidders
3. Ordering Instructions
4. Notices to Contractors including time allowances and lists of plans
5. Plan Order Form
6. Informational Proposal Order Form
7. R-125 "Request for Bidding Proposal Forms"

Projects containing DBE Goals are indicated in the "Notice to Contractors".

Please check the "Important Letting Information" on the website frequently.

The last day to submit acceptable prequalification statements for this letting is
by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, November 3, 2003.

To download the entire Notice To Contractors package click here.

      * denotes DBE Goal                   Acrobat Reader is required to view these files

Call Order Project Number Location Contract ID
Control Number
*F01 EACSTPD-S12B(103) Abie - N-15 1138X 12138 Butler
*F02 BRO-7049(18) Cook Southeast 1389X 12389 Johnson
*F03 BRO-7013(9) Greenwood Northeast


12495 Cass
*F04 BRO-7067(15) Pawnee City Southwest 1516X 12516 Pawnee
F05 STPP-79-2(109) Prague South 1616X 12616 Saunders
*F06 BR-3280(3) Sprague East 1642 12642 Lancaster
*F08 PLH-89(16)
Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge 2057X 22057 Washington
F09 BRO-7054(10) Verdigre Southwest 3806 30806 Knox
F10 NH-275-5(139) Ewing - Clearwater 3345A 31345A Antelope
F11 EACSTPD-32-7(104) West Point - Oakland 3429X 31429 Burt, Cuming
*F12 EACSTPD-32-7(105) West Point - Oakland 3430 31430 Burt, Cuming


EACSTPD-32-7(109) B.N.S.F., Oakland 3575 31575 Burt
N14 RD-81-3(1040) Columbus - Madison 3700 31700 Madison, Platte
N15 RD-80-6(1014) Kearney - Minden 4961 41961 Buffalo
*F16 STPD-14-3(110) Fullerton North 4989X 41989 Nance
*F17 EACIM-80-7(117)
Hampton - Henderson 4195 42195 Hamilton, York
*F18 EACSTPD-30-1(121) Sidney - Lodgepole 5787 50787 Cheyenne
F19 NH-80-2(79) Lodgepole Interchange 5951 50951 Cheyenne
F20 NH-80-2(80) US-138 Interchange 5952 50952 Deuel
N21 S-20-1(1024) Crawford West 5118 51118 Dawes, Sioux
*F22 IM-80-2(87) Oshkosh - South Platte River 5152 51152 Deuel
F23 EACSTPD-L17E(106) Jct. L17-E/US-30, Sunol 5214 51214 Cheyenne
N24 PEP-71-3(1039) Scottsbluff North 5246 51246 Scotts Bluff
N25 STR-80-1(1025) Bushnell - Kimball 5254 51254 Kimball
N26 STR-80-2(1014) Lodgepole - US-138 5255 51255 Cheyenne, Deuel
F27 IM-80-3(102) Big Springs - Brule 6948 60948 Deuel, Keith
*F28 EACSTPD-25-2(107) Wallace North 6179 61179 Lincoln
N29 S-80-4(1010) Cozad W.B. Rest Area 62062 61206 2 Dawson
N30 S-80-4(1011) Cozad E.B. Rest Area 62072 61207 2 Dawson
N31 MISC-80-3(1032) Sutherland E.B. Rest Area 62611 61261 1 Lincoln
N32 MISC-80-3(1033) Sutherland W.B. Rest Area 62621 61262 1 Lincoln
F33 BRO-7024(23) Gothenburg Southwest 6272X 61272 Dawson
F34 BR-S31C(102) Naponee Spur Bridge 7577A 70577A Franklin
N37 RD-183-1(1017) Alma South 7015 71015 Harlan
F39 BRO-7008(7) Spencer Northwest 8693 80693 Boyd
N40 RD-30-2(1029) Big Springs - Brule 6343 61343 Deuel, Keith
N41 RD-138-2(1004) In Big Springs 6344X 61344 Deuel


PLH-3840(9) Fort Calhoun S.E.(Boyer Chute Rd.) 2007W 22007 Washington
*F44 PLH-3840(9) Fort Calhoun S.E.(Boyer Chute Rd.) 2007X 22007 Washington
*F45 PLH-3840(9) Fort Calhoun S.E.(Boyer Chute Rd.) 2007Y 22007 Washington
*F46 PLH-3840(9) Fort Calhoun S.E.(Boyer Chute Rd.) 2007Z 22007 Washington


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