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On-Line Informational Proposal

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WARNING: Website information is subject to periodic change and/or updating. Anyone relying on such information must bear the risk that the information provided may be changed and/or updated without notice. Care should be taken by the user to check for changes/updates regularly.  

On-Line Informational Proposals:
The proposals are for informational purposes only and do not contain addenda. The proposals can be viewed, specific pages printed, or the entire proposal may be downloaded. (Link below)

Planholders List:

Viewing and/or downloading on-line informational proposals does NOT put your name on the list. The planholders list includes companies that order proposals and/or plans from the contracts office or that submit the “Planholder List Registration.” (Link below)

Note: The Planholders List Registration is not an order form; it only adds you to the planholders list.

Order Forms:

Hard copies of informational proposals may be requested by completing the “Plan and Informational Proposal” order form.

Bidders must submit an R-125, “Request for Bidding Proposal Forms” and be issued bid proposals prior to submitting bids.

On the Current Letting page, click on “Plan and Proposal Ordering Information” and select the appropriate form(s). Link for “Ordering Instructions” help file is also on that page.

August 3, 2006 Informational Proposals

Planholder List Registration