the FREE MaxView Reader 

Use MaxView FREE READER for on-line viewing, measuring and printing of large format bid sets and related technical documents.You can view comprehensive well-organized documents that are compact and easy to navigate.

MaxView offers its popular Reader software at no charge.

Large-scale engineering drawings, construction plans, maps, or technical papers can all be viewed easily, and more importantly printed easily, even to scale.

You can pan, zoom, print to scale, and selectively navigate documents on a CD or on the Internet. MaxView document pages may be organized using folders and sub-folders and may also contain External Documents such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat, or many other document types. The appropriate viewer for the selected External Document will be activated when you double-click on the name in the MaxView Reader Document Explorer.

Print this page and keep it next to your computer for a handy reference!

New to MAX VIEW? Start by Downloading the Free Viewer

Click the Grapic Above to Download


This is a one-time download and it will enable you to view and print any items encoded in MaxView. It will automatically identify MaxView format.

1. Click on the "MAXreader" button to the left, or CLICK THIS TEXT LINK.

2. Clicking on the button will take you to the MaxView site and you may download the FREE basic Reader.

Most people will not need administrator's privileges to install this reader. However, if you have difficulty installing the free reader, check with your company's Tech Support person to make sure you can install programs. If not, they can install it for you.

3. As the Reader is installed, follow the instructions on the pop-up screens.

NOTE: The FREE READER initially installs with several other features enabled. These extra features are enabled on a 30 day trial basis. After 30 days you have the option to purchase the extra features or just stick with the FREE READER. Evaluate the full capabilities of Author, MarkUp, and TakeOff for 30-days and then continue to use the free MaxReader.

The FREE MaxView Reader is all you will need to view the plans. So if you don't want to try the other features, just click on the button that says you only want the Reader.

(Some companies already have some of the extra features. Check with your Tech area to see.)


The MaxView Toolbar is located the top of the viewer window in your browser. It will appear similar to the Acrobat Reader Toolbar and the DjVu Toolbar, but with added functions.

As you hold your cursor over each button, the function will appear in a pop up window. Click on the button to activate it. Pan and Zoom features are similar to other toolbars

Additionally, the drop down menus associated with "File", "Edit", "View", etc., will give you information about available functions.


1. When you click on a Call Number, the whole set of plans for that Call Number will open using MaxView.

2. You will see a panel on the left (Explorer Window) listing the available sheets within the Call Number. You will have to click on folders with a "+" to allow sheets within them to be viewed.

3. Click on the sheet you want to see and it will appear in the large window on the right

4. Use the Toolbar to Zoom, Pan, and accomplish other options.

5. Use File-Print to print all or part of a plan to scale if you wish!

REMEMBER...Even though MaxView files are much smaller than a PDF version of the same file would be, they may still be large files and may take some time to load if you are using a dial-up modem.


In MaxView this is called...Copying for Offline Viewing

 To copy pages for offline viewing:

  1. Open a document on the Internet.
  2. Select or bookmark the pages you want to copy.
  3. On the File menu, select Copy for Offline Viewing. A Save As dialog box appears. Browse to the location where you want to copy.
  4. On the Copy for Offline Viewing dialog box, click a radio button to make a page selection, then click Begin Download and Copy.

  5. Note: A dim page icon indicates if a page is not available offline.



Plan sets are available on CD by contacting the NDOR Contracts Office

More questions on MaxView ??
Contact either the NDOR Construction Webmaster or the NDOR Webmaster