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Last Updated: 07/14/2006
July 27, 2006 Contract Letting

NDOR will accept internet bids from authorized bidders thru BidExpress. To become an authorized bidder please fill out  DR Form 173 and send it in to the contracts office. Questions on NDOR procedures should be directed to
Liz Wunderlich at 402-479-4528 or Kendall Stege at 402-479-4551.
NDOR Bidding Checklist (Important Please Read)
Notice to Contractors Information
Informational Proposals
Letting Plans
Plan and Proposal Ordering Information
Request for Bidding Proposal Form (R-125 and R-125jv)
Electronic Bidding File
(Includes current DBE Bin file)
Subcontractor/Supplier Quotations List
Subcontractor/Supplier Quotations List User's Guide
Plan Holders List View or Download
Planholders List Registration
Pre-qualified Contractors
Certified DBE's
Post Letting Information

Contracts Office
P.O. Box 94759 Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-4759
1500 Highway 2 Lincoln, Nebraska 68502
Tel (402) 479-4525
Fax (402) 479-3803

Please contact the Contracts Section with your questions/comments.

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