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About NDOR -- People, Equipment, Locations, Organization

  • The Department of Roads employs 2,200 people across the State of Nebraska.
    • For the last 18 years, we have maintained the same number of employees.
    • During that time the construction program increased from $107-million in 1981 to $347-million in 1999.
  • In our work we use over 8,000 pieces of equipment, including:
    • snowplows.
    • motor graders.
    • dump trucks.
    • loaders.
  • Throughout the state, NDOR occupies 610 buildings at 217 sites.
    • Design work and administrative support are provided at the central headquarters in Lincoln.
    • Construction and maintenance operations are managed and conducted in the Eight Field Districts - which are the focus of the Department's operations.


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Road & Highway Quick Facts
  • Down load the fact sheet
  • The State of Nebraska has approximately 96,000 miles of highways and public roads.
  • Nebraska has 531 municipalities and 93 counties.
    • They are responsible for public roads not on the state highway system.
  • Interstate 80 is one of the two most heavily traveled transcontinental highways in the United States. The Interstate is linked to about three-quarters of the estimated $2.8 billion that travelers spent last year in Nebraska.
  • On an average non-summer day, more than 15,000 vehicles pass on I-80 by Overton, about midway across the state. In the summer, the daily average surges to more than 20,000.
  • Of the main east-west routes, only I-40 carries as much traffic. Interstate 70 sees about 12,600 a day on average during the summer in western Kansas, while Interstate 90 logs about 7,500 across western South Dakota.

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Traffic Volume in Nebraska

  • Link to Traffic Flow Maps and other Traffic Flow Data
  • The state highway system carries 62.2 percent of all the vehicle miles of travel in the state.
  • The vast mileage of county roads carries 14.7 percent of the travel.
  • Municipal streets carry the remaining 23.1 percent.
  • 83% of heavy trucks travel on Nebraska's state highway system.

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Biking/Hiking Route Planning, and General Trail Info

For brochures, maps, and other info, e-mail the State Bicycle Coordinator.