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Surface Transportation Program
2006 - 2011 and Beyond

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Our Mission

We provide and maintain, in cooperation with public and private organizations, a safe, reliable, affordable, environmentally compatible and coordinated statewide transportation system for the movement of people and goods.

Published September 14, 2005

We have separated the sections of the book so you only have to download/view the section(s) you need. The files are all PDF and some are large. Please be patient while they load.

If you prefer a bound copy of the Surface Transportation Program Book, call (402) 479-4512 or e-mail the Communication Division

Note: Project cost estimates contained in the book represent the planning estimates of the total costs of a project. These include: preliminary engineering, right-of-way, utilities, early planning estimates of construction, and other costs. They do not represent the final estimated construction cost of any project which goes to letting for bid by contractors.

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2006 Construction Programs by District

District 1 Construction Program Dist. 1 Map District 5 Construction Program Dist. 5 Map
District 2 Construction Program Dist. 2 Map District 6 Construction Program Dist. 6 Map
District 3 Construction Program Dist. 3 Map District 7 Construction Program Dist. 7 Map
District 4 Construction Program Dist. 4 Map District 8 Construction Program Dist. 8 Map


District Map

hotspot map of districts in Nebraska

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