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Initial I-80 Construction in Nebraska

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Taken near the Maxwell Rest Area in 1964 - Larry Debban (rod) and John Zackery (transit) are shown. They are from the Holdrege NDOR office.

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Official work on the Nebraska portion of I-80 began in 1957, south of Gretna, NE. The dedication of Nebraska I-80 on October 19, 1974, marked Nebraska as the first state in the nation to complete its mainline interstate system.

As completed, I-80 stretches from New Jersey to San Francisco—over 2,900 miles of safe, uninterrupted roadway. The total length of the Nebraska section is 455.27 miles.

The estimated total cost of I-80 in Nebraska was $435 million, or an average per mile cost of about $950,000.

Unfortunately, when the photos in this section were taken (almost 50 years ago) location info was not included with them.

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6-14-06 - News Release on 50th Anniversary Convoy

Today's I-80 in Nebraska
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The 1991 Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) provided for designating the nationwide 45,493 miles of interstate highway system the “Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways”.

Replacing sections of I-80 in 2005, and rebuilding it to meet current standards (6 lane), not factoring in bridge work or other special considerations, costs between $4 and $5 million per mile. Normally, federal interstate funding for construction is 90 percent federal funds and 10 percent state funds.

Additional Interstate Route Lengths in Nebraska:

  • I-180 (in Lincoln) 3.18 miles.

  • I-480 (in Omaha) 4.15 miles.

  • I-680 (in Omaha) 13.26 miles.

  • I-76 (to Colorado) 2.48 miles.

  • I-129 (in South Sioux City) 3.21 miles.


Near Sidney

Sidney East Bound
Rest Area

Central NE

Central NE

Interstate 80 Quick Facts: Download the Fact Sheet as a PDF

  • 80 interchanges are along I-80 in Nebraska.

  • 442 bridges are on or over I-80 in Nebraska.

  • 25 rest areas and one scenic overlook (near Chappell) are on the Interstate in Nebraska.

  • These rest areas are spaced 35-50 miles apart for convenience.

  • 28 types of grasses and forbs (herbs other than grasses), 31 types of shrubs are found on Nebraska's I-80.

  • 12 varieties of coniferous trees, and 39 types of deciduous trees are planted on the rights-of-way of I-80 in Nebraska.

  • 570 informational and directional signs are located on Nebraska’s I-80.

East of Lincoln

Near Waverly

Near Waverl

Near Mahoney

Near Gretna

Omaha Interchange

I-80 and 680 Interchange in Omaha
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