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Last Updated: 09/05/2003
September 4, 2003 Contract Letting

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Call Order Project Number Location Contract ID
Control Number
F01 EACNH-80-9(552) Oak Creek Bridges 1447 11447 Lancaster
F02 EACSTPD-4-6(108) Plymouth West 1890 11890 Jefferson
N03 SRR-55(124) Branched Oak Lake 1304 12304 Lancaster
N04 RD-S76D(1003) Swanton Spur 1360 12360 Saline
F05 EACNH-80-9(859) I-80 over Cornhusker Hwy. & BNSF 1486X 12486 Lancaster
F06 NH-6-7(153) 174th St. - 198th St., Omaha 2107B 20107B Douglas
F07 STPC-5011(6) 108th St., Burt - W. Maple, Omaha 2660 21660 Douglas
F08 EACNH-EACBR-680-9(806) Maple St. - Fort St., Omaha 2908 21908 Douglas
EACNH-680-9(873) Bridge over I-680 @ Sprague St., Omaha 2908A 21908A Douglas
F10 NH-20-6(106) Dixon Northeast 3377 31377 Dixon
F12 STPD-29-4(104) Harrison South 5938 50938 Sioux
N13 RD-80-1(1022) I-80, Wyoming Line East 52511 51251 1 Duel, Kimball


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