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Last Updated: 06/30/2003
June 26, 2003 Contract Letting

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Call Order Project Number Location Contract ID
Control Number
N01 S-75-2(1025) Julian North & South 1800A 10800A Nemaha, Otoe
N02 MISC-6-6(1036) 250th St. Intersection Near Ashland 1566X 12566 Saunders
F03 STPP-136-6(114) In Beatrice 1626X 12626 Gage
F04 STPP-136-6(115) Jct. US-136/N-4, In Beatrice 1634X 12634 Gage
N05 PEP-63-2(1010) Greenwood North 1698X 12698 Cass, Saunders
F06 STPP-6-7(175) US-6 at 156th St., Omaha 2102 22102 Douglas
N07 RD-30-6(1037) Rogers - Fremont 2114X 22114 Colfax, Dodge
F08 STPP-5046(2)
St. Mary's Avenue In Omaha 2117X 22117 Douglas
N09 MISC-77-4(1017) US-77/S. Ridge Dr.,
South Sioux City
3542 31542 Dakota
N10 PEP-15-3(1008) Schuyler North 3740X 31740 Colfax
N11 PM-75-3(1017) Tekamah North 3904A 39904A Burt
N12 PEP-6-5(1008) Sutton - Grafton 4318Y 42318 Clay, Fillmore
N13 PEP-14-1(1012) Clay Center South 4319Y 42319 Clay
N14 RD-80-6(1023) Wood River - Grand Island 4325 42325 Hall
N16 F-71-3(1026) Scottsbluff-Gering Bypass 5823 50823 Scotts Bluff
*F17 EACSTPD-71-4(114) Marsland North 5862 50862 Box Butte, Dawes
F18 NH-26-1(149) Morrill West 5079 51079 Scotts Bluff
N19 PEP-385-3(1018) Bridgeport North 5247 51247 Morrill
N20 S-80-4(1010) Cozad E.B. Rest Area 62061 61206 1 Dawson
N21 S-80-4(1011) Cozad W.B. Rest Area 62071 61207 1 Dawson
N22 MISC-80-3(1032) Sutherland E.B. Rest Area 6261 61261 Lincoln
N23 MISC-80-3(1033) Sutherland W.B. Rest Area 6262 61262 Lincoln
N24 PEP-30-2(1028) Maxwell West 6330 61330 Lincoln
N25 S-83-1(1016)
Lincoln County Line South 7956 70956 Frontier
N26 PM-RD-D7(1002) District 7 - Districtwide 7903B 79903B Dundy, Furnas, Harlan
N27 S-137-4(1005) Newport North 8531 80531 Keya Paha, Rock
N28 S-S16F(1004) Niobrara River
Bridge North & South
8772 80772 Cherry
N29 PEP-S16F(1005) Nenzel South 8807 80807 Cherry
N30 RD-80-1(1022) Wyoming Line East 5251 51251 Deuel, Kimball
N31 RD-92-5(1005) US-30 West 4328X 42328


F32 ER-80-3(130) Big Springs West   61342 Deuel


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