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Last Updated: 04/24/2003
May 22, 2003 Contract Letting
**REMINDER** When ordering plans, informational proposals
or R-125's (requests for bidding proposals), please complete the
appropriate form below for the information you are requesting.

To View these files Acrobat Reader is required.
You will get both the Excel and the PDF files in the Download.

  1. Plan Order Form View or Download

  2. Informational Proposal Order Form View or Download

  3. Request for Bidding Proposal Forms (R-125) View or Download

Refer to the attached "Notices to Contractors" for the project number,
call order and list of plans for each project.

Plans can be ordered as follows:

  1.   Complete set.

  2.   Set less Roadway Cross-Sections and Standards.

  3.   Set less Standards.

  4.   Individual sheets - this request must be in writing and may be a FAX copy.

  5.   Payment must be made before delivery and is not refundable. 
        Costs shown on the lists of plans is for plans only. 
        Nebraska residents add appropriate state and city sales tax. 
        This is determined by delivery within cities imposing a sales tax.

We encourage you to deposit money in an advanced payment account. 
The cost of your plan order will automatically be deducted and an invoice will
be mailed monthly.  Failure to have sufficient funds in the account may delay 
the processing of your plan orders. 

Prices Per Sheet are:    
  Half-Size   Full-Size
  (12" x 18") (24" x 36")
Plan Sheets .20 .45
Cross-Sections .20 .45
Standard Plans .20 .45
Complete set of standards $30.00 + tax (1/2 size)

As new Standard Plans are added, they will be indicated in the
list of plans in the Notices to Contractors and may be purchased
at $0.20 per sheet (1/2 size).

Proposal Forms are available at no cost as follows:

  1. Proposals for informational purposes upon request.

  2. Bidding proposals must be requested on an
      R-125 "Request for Bidding Proposal Forms"
      by currently prequalified contractors.


Contracts Office
P.O. Box 94759 Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-4759
1500 Highway 2 Lincoln, Nebraska 68502
Tel (402) 479-4525
Fax (402) 479-3803

Please contact the Contracts Section with your questions/comments.

Contact Construction Divison regarding web content/problems/suggestions.