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Last Updated: 04/28/2003
May 22, 2003 Contract Letting

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Call Order Project Number Location Contract ID
Control Number
N01 RD-43-2(1005) In Bennet & South 1673 12673 Lancaster
N02 RD-35-4(1010), RD-20-7(1011), PEP-75-4(1008) Emerson - Dakota City, US-20 South Sioux City West, US-75/US-77 Homer - Dakota City 3534X 31534, 31731, 31736 Dakota
N03 STR-57-4(1004) Hartington North 3682X 31682 Cedar
N05 ELEC-30-4(1037) Jct US-30 & N-10/N-44 In Kearney 4314X 42314 Buffalo
F06 IM-80-1(166) West Kimball - East Kimball 5151 51151 Kimball
N07 PEP-30-1(1022), PEP-L53C(1002), PEP-L53A(1003) Dix East, Bushnell South, Dix South 5243 51243, 51244, 51245 Kimball
 *F08 STPN-TMT-6555(1) Lexington Viaduct 6216 61216 Dawson
F09 EACSTPD-L25B(104) Big Springs South 6278 61278 Deuel
 *F10 EACSTPD-EACBR-18-2(110) Orafino to US-283 Bridges 7949 70949 Frontier, Gosper
F11 STPP-23-2(122) Curtis West & Eustis East 7984 70984 Frontier, Gosper
 *F12 EACSTPD-EACBR-10-2(111) Kearney North 4913 41913 Buffalo
N13 TMT-77(37) Papillion West 2860X 21860 Sarpy
N14 PM-183-1(1016) On US-183, Holdrege North & South 7903C1 79903C1 Harlan, Phelps


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