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Repair Efforts & Reopening

After the July 6, 2002, flood waters receded, NDOR employees and contractors worked 24 hours a day in oppressive heat to repair the damaged bridge approaches.

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Removing one of the obstructions

Rebuilding the banks

Another truck load of rock

Rebuilding the banks-stabilization

Bank stabilization

Bank stabilization

Using a nuclear density gauge to check the compaction

Setting a string line before laying another layer of asphalt.

Resurface work

Resurface work

Making sure there are no bumps

Aerial View Thursday afternoon, July 11th
The above photos were taken by Linda Wilson, NDOR Communication Division

Shortly after 9 pm CDT, Friday, July 12, 2002, traffic flows smoothly once more over the bridges that had been damaged by the flood waters.

Another photo taken right after I-80 reopened.
Re-opening photos by Roger Klasna, District 6, NDOR