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I-80 Bridge Approaches Damaged by Flood

These photos were taken July 7-8, 2002. They show the damage to the bridge approaches that necessitated the closing of Interstate 80, and the emergency rerouting of thousands of vehicles.

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(Click on each thumbnail to see a larger view)

Looking north across the west approach in the  westbound lane

Another view of the same damaged approach-Note the mud from the field washouts

View showing field washout near the damaged approaches

Looking west -showing both damaged approaches in the westbound lane

View showing the east approach of the westbound lane

View showing tree that was uprooted and floated into the area by the force of the flash flood

Another view of damage to one of the approaches

Contractors and NDOR Engineers inspect the remaining structures on Monday, July 8
These photos were taken by Rodney McNeel, District 6, NDOR

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