Winnebago - East

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Project Overview

Winnebago - East
Project #: EAC STPD-75-4(103)
Control #:

Project Contacts:
Tony Kessler, Roadway Design Project Manager, 402-479-3994

Views of Proposed Construction

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Proposed Construction : In addition to the proposed reconstruction of US 75 from Macy to Winnebago, the construction of a "Roundabout" at the junction of US 75 with US 77 is being considered. A Roundabout is being proposed to slow the vehicle speeds in this area on US 75 and US 77.

Lighting/Signals/Signing: Intersection lighting will be moved from the existing intersection to the proposed location.  Signing will be installed according to the latest policies for Roundabouts.

Related Studies: None

Right-of-Way: No additional right of way will be required.

Phasing: Currently this project will be constructed under traffic utilizing temporary surfacing.

Schedule: Construction of the Roundabout should begin in the summer of 2006.

Estimated Cost: The estimated cost for the paving, grading, and drainage required to add the Roundabout to the Winnebago East project is $700,000.