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West Dodge Road Design Drawings

 Information Boards provide you with basic information about the project.

Information Boards (approx. 250K each)

Traffic Growth Chart Project Development Process Construction Schedule

Engineering Drawings are computer aided drawings. These drawings will give you a better idea of what the plans are for each intersection.

Engineering Drawings (approx 1.5M each)

Landscape Concept Aerial Scroll Guide-Sign Plan Construction 2004
Construction 2005 Construction 2006 Construction 2007 Construction 2008

Photo Simulations are computer generated images that combine Engineer Plans/Drawings and existing photographs. These images simulate what the roadway and intersections along the construction route will look like when construction is complete.

Map Showing View Locations (1K to 5K)
Open the map, hold your cursor over an arrow and the "tool tip" will tell you the view you will see. Click on the area you wish to view, and the photo simulation for that view will be shown

All designs and drawings are provided by HDR, Omaha, NE

NOTE: You will need to download and install the FREE DjVu Reader to access most of these files.