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Murray to Plattsmouth
Project #: NH-BH-75-2(128)
Control #: 21209

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Project Contacts:
Mike Owen, 402-479-4735
Tony Kessler
, 402-479-3994

Views of Proposed Construction

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Maps were updated 1-11-2005

Proposed Construction Map - DjVu
Aerial Photo of Proposed Construction -DjVu
Additional Info - PDF


Info Updated 6-5-2006

Proposed Construction : The proposed improvements begin 0.3 miles south of the Nebraska Highway 1 / Murray Road junction and extend north on US 34 / US 75 to a point approximately 0.1 miles south of the Oak Hill Road/Avenue B intersection in Plattsmouth. The total length of this project is 7.0 miles. This proposed project takes a two-lane rural highway and converts it to a four-lane expressway with a raised curbed median.

Lighting/Signals/Signing: Lighting warrants are being reviewed. At a minimum, new lights will be located at intersections that are currently lighted. Existing traffic signals will be modified to accommodate the new 4-lane roadway at the US 34 / US 75 / N 66 junction. Three additional intersections will be designed to accommodate traffic signals in the future including the N 1 / Murray Rd., Waverly Rd. / Rock Bluff Rd., and Mynard Rd. /Horning Rd. intersections.

Related Studies: US-75 Corridor Study from Nebraska City to Bellevue, September 1998

Right-of-Way: Right-of-way, temporary construction easements, and changes in the controlled access will need to be purchased at various locations along this project. No homes or buildings will need to be acquired as a result of this project.

Phasing: This project will not require any detours. Traffic will be carried through construction on the existing roadway while the new northbound lanes are constructed. Then two-way traffic will be shifted over to the new lanes while the existing lanes are rehabilitated or reconstructed.

Schedule: This project is not currently in the five-year program so construction is not anticipated to begin until 2011 or beyond. Once construction begins, it will require two construction seasons to complete.

Estimated Cost: At today’s prices, the estimated cost including right-of-way is 17.5 million dollars.