Elm Creek South

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Elm Creek South
Project # NH-183-2(105)), C.N. 41732
Dawn Allyn, P.E. (402) 479-4663
Tony Kessler, P.E. (402) 479-3994

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        • Diagram 1 - Aerial Mosaic of the entire area, showing proposed changes in color
        • Diagram 2 - Map of the Interchange in black & white, showing the beginning & ending points of the proposed project.

General Overview

Proposed Construction : Horizontal and vertical alignments along Hwy. 183 will be redesigned to meet DR-3 standards at the approaches to the proposed new bridge over Interstate 80. The ramps will be reconstructed, as needed, to meet the new grade line on Hwy. 183. The existing 24’ wide concrete pavement along Hwy. 183 will be widened to 38’ to allow for a center turn lane at the ramp terminals and the county road/truck stop entrance at Buffalo Creek Road. 10’ shoulders (8’ surfaced) will be provided. The Hwy. 183, Platte River bridge will be widened and redecked.

Lighting: Lighting within the interchange area will be maintained. Temporary signals will be required during phased construction of the Platte River Bridge.

Right-of-Way: Additional right-of-way will be required. Access control will be acquired along the east and west approaches at Buffalo Creek Road.

Phasing: This project will be built under traffic. Traffic will be maintained by a single lane over the Platte River during the widening and redecking of the Platte River Bridge. Temporary signals will be used.Temporary surfacing will provide two-lane, two-way traffic during construction on the remaining portions of the project. Due to major grade changes at ramp terminals, temporary loops will be required to maintain traffic flow on and off of I-80. The new structure over I-80 will be built just east of the existing bridge. Oversized vehicles on Hwy. 183 will be detoured around the project during construction.

Schedule: It is anticipated that 165 working days will be required to complete this project. With a September, 2005 start, the project could be complete by November, 2006.

Project Cost: $8.5 million (estimated).