In Elkhorn
N-31 & N-64

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Project Overview

In Elkhorn, N-31 & N-64
Project 31-2(108) Control Number 21786
Project Contacts:
Mike Owen, Engineer IV and Terry Gibson, Engineer V

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Aerial of Proposed Construction (DjVu)

Project Map
from Handout at Public Info Meeting held 1-29-2004 (PDF)

Text Info
(same as info below)
from Handout at Public Info Meeting held 1-29-2004 (PDF)


Description: Municipal arterial project to reconstruct N-31 and the intersection of N-31 and N-64, also known as 204th and West Maple Road. Widen N-31 from 2 lanes to 5 lanes with a common center left turn lane. Raised medians will be constructed at the West Maple Road intersection to provide protected left turn lanes. N-31 will be reconstructed from just north of the railroad viaduct, south of Madison Street, to about ½ mile north of the West Maple intersection

Improvement: The project will include new concrete pavement, new sidewalks, driveways, storm sewers, lighting and traffic signals.

Traffic Volume Estimates:

Average Daily Traffic
Design Hourly Volume
Truck Percentage

Lighting: All new lighting units will be constructed.

Traffic Signals: Existing traffic signals will be replaced at N-31 & Douglas Street and at the intersection of N-31 & N-64. New traffic signals will be constructed at N-31 & Laramie Road and at the N-64 & Moylan Drive intersection.

Right-of-Way Needs: Right of way will be acquired throughout the project where the highway is being widened. Temporary easements for construction will be needed throughout the project for sidewalk construction and to shape soil around new driveways and sidewalks. One residence will be acquired at the southwest corner of N-31 and N-64. Control Access will be acquired along N-31 from the N-64 intersection north to the end of the project.

Construction Schedule: Based on current funding levels the project will be let to contract in the fall of 2005. Construction of temporary surfacing and set-up work will begin in the fall. Reconstruction will take place in the summer of 2006 with the completion in the fall of 2006. This schedule will change if funding levels or priorities change before the letting.

Traffic Maintenance: One lane of traffic will be maintained in each direction during construction. N-31 and N-64 will be constructed half at a time.

Access During Construction: Intersections will be maintained open during construction. Access to businesses, churches and commercial property will be maintained at all times. Access to residences will also be maintained except when their new driveway is being constructed and the pavement is curing.

Typical Highway Section:

  • N-31: Urban 5-lane section with a common center left turn lane. Transitions to an urban 4-lane divided section with raised median and protected left turn lanes at N-64.
  • N-64: Urban 4-lane divided with a raised center median and protected left turn lanes at N-31.

Estimated Cost: $5,000,000 Present Day Dollars