I-80 Six Lane Expansion
Lincoln to Omaha

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Project Overview

I-80 Six Lane Expansion
Lincoln to Omaha

Project Contacts:
Terry Gibson, NDOR Interstate Design Section Leader, 402-479-4565
Brian Johnson
, NDOR Interstate Design Unit Leader, 402-479-3990
Mike Owen, NDOR Interstate Design Unit Leader, 402-479-4735

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Maps Showing Proposed Construction
 * Updated 6-3-05
Ruff Road - Mahoney Interchange Areas
US 77 South to West of I-180 Interchanges
2007-2009 *
West of Greenwood to West of Mahoney Interchanges
West of I-180 Interchange to East of US-77 North (56th St.) Interchange
NW 56th to US 77 South Interchange
2008-2010 *
East of Waverly to West of Greenwood Interchanges
East of US 77 to East of Waverly Interchanges
I-180 Interchange - Superior St. Overpass - 27th St. Overpass

Projected Construction Timelines
* Updated 6-3-05
Click on a year below to view the proposed Timeline.
These are approximations, and may change.

2005 * 2006 * 2007 * 2008 *
2009 * 2010 * 2011 * 2012 *
Timeline Key Bridges Letting Pavement Grading, Culvert,
Temp. Paving
Bridge Removal

Proposed Construction: (updated 6-3-2005) The existing four lane interstate facility between Lincoln and Omaha will be expanded to six lanes. The work will be split into eight projects starting west of Lincoln at the NW 56th Street overhead structure to the west side of Omaha at the N-370 Interchange. The proposed improvements will include:

         Increasing capacity of I-80.

         Reconstructing pavement with some nearly 40 years old.

         Improving median widths to provide safer typical.

         12’ wide inside and outside paved shoulders.

         Improved horizontal & vertical alignments.

         Flatter side slopes providing safer recovery area for errant vehicles.

         Overhead structures changed to two span bridges, widened, and sight distance improved.  MSE walls will be used to reduce I-80 obstacles.

Interchanges reconstructed to provide safer acceleration/deceleration access to I-80.  Interchanges with accesses close to ramps will be moved to 660’ from ramp terminals.

Lincoln to Omaha encompasses the following:

  • 44 miles long
  • 11 Interchanges
  • 2 Weigh Station Facilities
  • 3 Rest Areas
  • 23 Bridges over I-80
  • 41 Mainline Bridges

Related Studies: (updated 6-3-2005) There are three median types for the proposed six lane: The first two are a 76’ and 88' median with a depressed grass median. The third type is a 28' paved median with a concrete barrier rail separating the traffic.

Phasing: Work shall be done under traffic with 2 lanes of traffic available throughout the entire construction.

  • The first phase of the 88' median will construct two lanes and a shoulder without affecting traffic.
  • The second phase will switch the traffic onto the new pavement and build the inside lane and shoulder.
  • The final phase will place traffic head-to-head on the new pavement and build the other side.

The 28' median will build temporary pavement on the first phase, which will allow the traffic to be placed head-to-head. The other side will then be completely constructed. Traffic will be switched to the new pavement and allow the construction of the remaining pavement.

Schedule: The first project is Ruff Road to N-370, which started in the spring of 2003, and will be completed by 2005. In 2005, the US-77 south to I-180 will be started, with the final project between Lincoln and Omaha being the 56th Street Interchange to Waverly Interchange to be constructed in 2009. The entire six-lane expansion will be completed by 2012.

Estimated Cost: The cumulative projects from NW 48th Street Interchange to N-370 will cost $380 million.