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June 27, 2002 Contract Letting
Letting  Information
Lat Updated: 07/22/2002 07:35 AM

Awards & Rejections (Posted 07-22)

DBE Commitments (Posted 07-08)

Bid Tabulations (Posted 06-28)

Apparent Low Bidders (Posted 06-28)

Withdrawn from Letting Call Order N03,
Project No. S-80-9(1133), CN. 12590, County Road at N-63

Effective June 14, 2002,  the following companies
will no longer be certified as DBE:
Batheja & Associates
Myles Construction
Norma J Blake Contracting Inc.

Effective for the June 27, 2002 letting:
 All bidders must use the new version of Expedite 5.0a-1

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The 2002 Letting schedule is available for viewing.