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Motor Carriers Section
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Automated Truck Permit System
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NDOR Permits E-Mail

or call 402- 471- 0034
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Motor Carrier Rules Updates

Oversize-Overweight Info
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General Permit Inquiries: 402-471-0034

Contacts for Motor Carriers Section

Section Duties & Responsibilities

Internet Resource List for Motor Carriers

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Issue standard overweight and over dimensional permits for Rail & Public Transportation Division.
  • Coordinate overweight and over dimensional permits issued by district offices.
  • Issue special permits for movement on the state highway system.
  • Write/administer Department rules/regulations, and administer Nebraska statutes relative to issuing/ controlling overweight and over dimensional permits.
  • Coordinate policies/ procedures with the Carrier Enforcement Section of the Nebraska State Patrol.

Motor Carriers' Internet Resources - Updated 10-2005

Contacts (click on name to e-mail)

Ron Kontos, Motor Carrier Permits Manager: 402-479-4536