Lincoln Highway

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(The Lincoln Highway is NOT Interstate 80)
LincolnHwy7.jpg (294830 bytes)
"Wooster's Lovers' Lane", between Silver Creek and Clarks - 1920's
stuck-2hrs.jpg (90328 bytes)
Near Big Springs
Summer of 1915
LincolnHwy25.jpg (85471 bytes)
Douglas County paving crew near Elkhorn - 1922
LincolnHwy22.jpg (72266 bytes)
Dawson County
LincolnHwy4.jpg (87430 bytes)
Concrete base of brick section near Elkhorn - 1920
curve.jpg (93674 bytes)
Concrete base near Elkhorn - 1922
LincolnHwy10.jpg (88189 bytes)
Broad Street, looking South, in Fremont - 1930's
LincolnHwy15.jpg (88196 bytes)
Sidney, looking north at the intersection of  Hwy's 19 and 30

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