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Nebraska Department
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Highway Safety and Work Zone Awareness


Highway Safety and Work Zone Awareness Videos: You will need RealPlayer to view these videos

A Safety Message from a Different Perspective (Edited for viewing with T1 or DSL)

At the Office (Work Zone Awareness Video)

In the Elevator (Work Zone Awareness Video)



  • From April through December, as many as 300 highway projects may be in progress across Nebraska.

  • The two main reasons for work-zone crashes are speeding and inattentive driving.

  • Most work-zone crashes in Nebraska involve rear-end crashes. Remember to leave 2 seconds of braking time between you and the car in front of you.

  • Most work-zone crashes occur in daylight.

  • More motorists are injured in work-zone crashes than highway workers.

  • Fines are double in work zones.

  • It takes less than a minute more to travel through a two-mile-long work zone at 45 m.p.h. than at 65 m.p.h. –  52 seconds to be precise.

  • A car traveling 60 m.p.h. travels 88 feet per second. If you’re going 60 m.p.h. and you pass a sign that says “Road Work 1500 Feet,” you’ll be in that work zone in 17 seconds.

  • If you see flashing arrow panels or “lane closed ahead” signs, merge as soon as possible.

It's not just the Work Zone...It's the People in it!


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sign button-no action Stay alert. Dedicate your full attention to the roadway.
sign button-no action Expect the unexpected. Keep an eye out for workers and their equipment.
sign button-no action Turn on your headlights. Workers and other motorists must see you.
sign button-no action Pay close attention. Signs and work zone flaggers save lives
sign button-no action Don’t tailgate.
sign button-no action Don’t speed. Note the posted speed limits in and around the work zone.
sign button-no action Don’t change lanes in the work zone.
sign button-no action Keep up with the traffic flow.
sign button-no action Minimize distractions. Avoid changing radio stations and using mobile phones while driving in the work zone.
sign button-no action Be patient. Remember the work zone crew members are working to improve your future ride.
Sponsored by Federal Highway Administration, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, American Traffic Safety Services Association, and The Nebraska Department of Roads


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