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Lincoln South Beltway
Project # 2-6(117), (118), & (119) CN: 12578a, b, & c

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Project Contacts:
Toby D. Fierstein, Project Engineer, 402-479-3893
Syed Ataullah, Consultant Coordinator, 402-479-4777

Items from June 7, 2005, Public Hearing

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Updated May 2005
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Project Photos Updated May 2005
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 Project Photos  Updated May 2005

General Overview
Revised May 2005

Proposed Construction: The South Beltway will be a new four-lane freeway across the southern suburban area of Lincoln and Lancaster County. System interchanges will be constructed at US Highway 77 and Nebraska Highway 2. New service interchanges will be constructed at the crossings of Saltillo Rd at Hwy 77, 27th/38th Street, 68th Street, 82nd/84th Street and 120th Street. Overpasses will be constructed on 54th St., Saltillo Rd. at 98th St. & 134th St.

Lighting/Signals/Signing: Conventional lighting will be installed along the entire length of the Middle Segment of South Beltway and at the service interchanges. Lighting will also be placed at the local arterial road intersections with Saltillo road. Traffic signals are anticipated at the Saltillo Road service interchange ramps. At this time no other traffic signals are anticipated at the time of construction.

Related Studies: An environmental impact study (EIS) was prepared for this project. The EIS and related studies can be found on the FHWA web site at . Included is an archaeological and historical inventory, selected historical surveys, and public hearing information.

Right-of-Way: Significant right of way acquisition will be required. Five properties may be totally acquired for the project. Temporary construction easements will also be required. Access control will be purchased along the South Beltway and along the local arterial roads within 660 feet of the ramp terminals at the Saltillo Road, 27th/38th Street, 68th Street, 82nd/84th Street and 120th Street service interchanges.

Phasing: When reasonable, traffic will be maintained during construction. Significant construction phasing will be required to construct the system interchanges at US Highway 77 and Nebraska Highway 2. Local road closures may be required throughout the project at various times. Adjacent section line roads will not be closed at the same time. Access to adjacent properties will be maintained during construction.

Schedule: At this time full funding for the South Beltway projects has not been secured. Therefore the improvements have not been included in the current construction program. It is anticipated that once funding is identified it will take 2-3 years before construction can start.

Project Cost: Total cost for the entire South Beltway, as it stands today, is $129 million dollars.