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South Omaha Veterans Memorial Bridge Project
PROJECT NO. STPD-BR-275-7(174); C.N. 21574

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Project Contacts:

Tom Kellogg, TranSystems Corp., Project Manager, (402) 895-2963
John Selmer, Iowa District Engineer, (712) 243-3355
Don Turek, Assistant Design Engr. Nebr. Dept. of Roads, (402) 479-4441

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DESCRIPTION: The project consists of the replacement of the existing two-lane South Omaha Veterans Memorial Bridge with a new four-lane bridge over the Missouri River and includes the reconstruction of US Highway 275 from just east of 16th Street in Omaha to just west of 36th Street in Council Bluffs. The project also includes the reconstruction of 13th Street in Omaha from south of “O” Street to just south of “J” Street.

INTENT OF PROJECT: To provide for a safe and efficient crossing of the Missouri River; to increase capacity of the US 275 Roadway; and to replace an aging bridge.

SCOPE OF WORK: The project will provide for four through lanes along US 275 and 13th Street, with additional lanes at intersections for turning vehicles and a new bridge over the Missouri River. Other new improvements include: a raised concrete median along both US 275 and 13th Street; storm sewer; lighting; sidewalk and trails; and in Iowa parking lots for users of the ATV Park and Bike Trails. The area between 13th Street and Gifford Drive and between the South Omaha Bridge and Gibson Road Viaduct will become a linear park. The existing bridge will be removed, once the new bridge has been completed.


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BRIDGE: The new bridge will provide for 4-12 foot wide thru lanes and a four-foot wide raised median with 10-foot wide shoulders and a 10-foot wide bike trail. The bridge will be widened at the 13th Street intersection to provide for dual left turn lanes and a right turn lane. The new bridge will be 4,300 feet long and 87’-8" wide. The existing bridge is 4,378 feet long and provides a clear roadway width of only 22’-6”.

ESTIMATED CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE: Construction may start in the fall of 2007. We anticipate it will take 3 years to complete construction of the project.

PROPOSED ACCOMODATION OF TRAFFIC DURING CONSTRUCTION: Traffic will be maintained along 13th Street and on Missouri Avenue at all times during construction. It will be necessary to close the existing bridge to all traffic for up to six months to construct the west end of the new bridge. The detour route during this closure will be 13th Street, in Omaha, I-80, and 24th Street in Council Bluffs. Access to abutting properties during construction will be maintained to the extent practical.

RIGHT-OF-WAY: Combined the South Omaha Veterans Memorial Bridge and Gibson Road Viaduct projects will require the acquisition of 24 homes and 4 businesses. 18 of the homes are on the east side of 13th Street between Gifford Drive and Missouri Avenue. 5 homes and 3 businesses are on the north side of Missouri Avenue between 15th and 13th Streets. 1 home is on the southeast corner of 14th Street and Missouri Avenue. 1 business is on the southwest corner of 13th Street and Missouri Avenue.

WETLANDS: Approximately 4.6 acres of wetlands in Iowa are anticipated to be impacted by this project. Mitigation for these impacts will be at a site in Iowa and at a minimum of 1.5:1 replacement to loss ratio.

ESTIMATED COST OF THE PROJECT: The total project cost is estimated to be $88 million dollars.