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Plattsmouth US 34/75 and 8th Avenue
Project #: MISC-34-7 (1025)
Control #: 21992

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Project Contacts:
Don Turek, Assistant Design Engineer, 402-479-4441
Jim Miller, Roadway Design Project Manager, 402-479-4442

Views of Proposed Construction

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Proposed Construction : This project is a 3-lane reconstruction of US-34 in Plattsmouth extending from just east of the junction with US-75 east to approximately 300 feet southeast of Schneider Lane. Portions of 2nd Avenue South and 8th Avenue will be realigned and reconstructed as part of the project. Right turn lanes will be provided for westbound traffic turning nort onto US-75 and for eastbound traffic turning south onto 2nd Avenue South.

Lighting/Signals/Signing: New roadway lighting will be provided with this project. Traffic signals are not warranted at the intersection of US-34 with 2nd Avenue South and 8th Avenue. Modifications will be made to the existing traffic signals at the intersection US-34 with US-75.

Related Studies: The lowered grade of the future US-75 expressway project will require a lowered grade on US-34 from the junction with US-75 to just east of the intersection with 2nd Avenue South and 8th Avenue.

Right-of-Way: Additional right of way will be required from one tract owned by Plattsmouth Community Schools. Temporary easements for construction also must be acquired from landowners along the project. Access Control to the highway will be perpetuated.


  • 1. Modify west driveway from the shopping center to accommodate in/out traffic.
  • 2. Construct 8th Avenue along with modified entrance to the shopping center.
  • 3. Construct the west 2/3 of the project including 2nd Avenue South and the intersection with 8th Avenue.
  • 4. Construct the east 1/3 of the project. During construction, US-34 traffic will be detoured using the old US-34 route on Chicago Avenue and S. 15th Street.

Schedule: The close proximity of the high school means that construction should take place from approximately June 1, 2006 through August 15, 2006 when school is not in session.

Estimated Cost: $1,160,000.00