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Greeley South
Project # NH-281-3(110

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Project Contacts:
Mike Owen, (402) 479-4735
Tony Kessler, (402) 479-3994

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Aerial Mosaic of Project
updated June 2006

Proposed Construction : The project is located on US-281 between the southern junction with N-22 to just north of the north junction of N-22 (8.19 miles). One design option is to regrade a majority of the existing roadway while traffic is detoured to hwy. 11. An alternate design option is to construct a new roadway approximately 100' east of the existing roadway while traffic is maintained on the existing roadway. Surfaced shoulders will be provided.

Lighting/Signals/Signing: none

Related Studies: none

Right of Way: ROW will be needed with both designs - substantially more ROW will be needed with the alternate design.

Phasing: The proposed detour is west on Hwy. 92 at St. Paul to Hwy. 11, north on Hwy. 11 to Hwy. 22, and east on Hwy. 22 to Hwy. 281. The alternate design would require temporary roads at both the north and south ends of the project. Local access will be maintained during construction with either option.

Schedule: The project is scheduled to be let Nov. 8, 2007 and is expected to take 1.5 years to complete.

Estimated Cost: The project is estimated to cost $ 8.8 million. The alternate design will add an estimated $ 1.4 million to the $ 8.8 million estimated cost.