Ashland South & East
Roadway Reconstruction

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Detour Map Showing Alternate Routes to Attractions
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From Lincoln - From Omaha
Westbound US-6 - Eastbound US-6

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This project provides for reconstruction on Hwy 66 North between US Hwy 6 and Interstate 80.

  • The highway will be reconstructed to conform to current highway standards, providing safer and smoother curves and increased sight distances on the hills.

  • Hwy 66 will bypass the residential area and be relocated to the intersection of US Hwy 6 and Hwy 63, which leads directly into Ashland’s business district.

The Project So Far

The project began June 2004, with work being performed off the roadway. Box culverts, pipes, and fills were constructed with no impact to traffic. Over the winter, the “settlement period” allowed the sub-surface to compact and settle to a stabile surface for the new roadway. 

Project Phasing

Beginning April 4, 2005, the work on the roadway will begin. This includes the removal of the old road, construction of box culverts and pipes, and regrading of the old roadway surface to achieve a flatter profile.

Depending on weather conditions, it is anticipated that the road will be open to traffic by mid-August with minimum surfacing. The remainder of the asphalt surface, along with the finish work, will be completed with the road open to traffic. 

General information will be posted as the project develops.

Closing and Detour info

This will be posted regularly on the 511 Phone and 511 Web systems. Special Announcements will be posted also as News Releases through the project.