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Plattsmouth Bridge Study
Project #: DPS-34-7(114)
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Project Contacts:
Steve McBeth, P.E., Corridor Studies Engineer, (402) 479-4417
Jim Schurr, P.E., Planning & Measurement Engineer, (402) 479-4416

Study and Related Info

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Proposed Construction : The proposed project involves the study of a new two-lane highway between U.S. Highway 75 in Nebraska and Interstate 29 in Iowa, including a south bypass of Plattsmouth.  A number of alternative alignments have been studied during the past 10 years. The preferred alternative locates a new bridge over the Missouri River just downstream of the existing bridge.

Related Studies:

  • 1996 Draft Environmental Impact Statement for U.S. 34 Roadway and Bridge Improvements, I-29 to U.S. 75

  • 2002 Plattsmouth South Bypass Study

Right-of-Way: Private property must be acquired as highway right-of-way throughout the length of the project. Property acquisition may include 8 to 10 homes. Relocation assistance is available to any resident displaced by highway construction.

Phasing: Construction of the Plattsmouth Bridge Project may be phased if funding for the entire project is not available at one time.  It is anticipated that the first phase of construction would include construction of a new bridge over the Missouri River, a short connection to existing U.S. 34 in Mills County, Iowa, and a south bypass of Plattsmouth.  The second phase would include reconstruction of existing U.S. 34 in Mills, County.

Estimated Cost: The Plattsmouth Bridge project, including a south bypass of Plattsmouth, is expected to cost between $38 million and $42 million in 2005 dollars (cost includes construction, right-of-way, utilities and engineering).