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US 75 / I-480
Interchange Project

Project IM-480-9(561) Control Number 21202

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Project Contacts:
Mike Owen, Engineer IV
Terry Gibson
, Engineer V

The drawings, renderings, and photos for this project are in DjVu format. Even though this format reduces file size dramatically, some of the files are still quite large. Please allow adequate time for download if you have a dial-up connection. If you do not have DjVu, please download the FREE READER by clicking on the DjVu button on the left sidebar.

East-West Views of the Interchange
Existing View
Design View of Proposed Project

Southwest-Northeast Views of the Interchange
Existing View
Design View of Proposed Project

Planned Construction by Year
revised 3-9-04
2006 - 2007 - 2008

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Background: The reconstruction of the I-480 / US-75 Interchange is the final segment of the interstate reconstruction in the City of Omaha and was included as part of the Environmental Assessment written for the I-80 reconstruction.

The need for the project and project schedule is controlled by the existing bridge conditions. The interchange bridges need to be replaced or need to be repaired to maintain them safely for the public. The interchange was originally built to connect a West Expressway in the Dodge Street corridor. The expressway was never built, which left the interchange with several unused bridges and substandard connections to the city streets. Since the interchange was constructed, design standards have also changed. The existing interchange incorporates several left side ramp entrances and insufficient sight distance, given current traveling speeds.

The project will improve traffic operations with extended ramp merges, added auxiliary lanes and flatter road profiles to improve sight distance.

Proposed Construction: The project limits are from Harney Street on the south to Hamilton Street on the north, and from 30th Street on the west to 20th Street on the east. A section of 30th Street will also be rebuilt. The Project will include removal of seven existing bridges, the construction of thirteen new bridges, concrete pavement, grading, culverts, lighting and guardrail.

Ramp access to and from the local street system will remain basically the same with the following exceptions:

  • Ramp access from 30th street to northbound US-75 and eastbound I-480 will be eliminated.
  • Currently the 28th and Dodge Street ramp provides ramp access only to northbound US-75. Access to eastbound I-480 will be added to 28th and Dodge Street ramp.

Related Studies:

NOISE: Areas of this project have been identified as having noise levels that approach or exceed the Leq Noise Abatement Criteria (NAC) of 67 dBA for receptors listed in Activity Category B(residential) and 72 dBA for receptors listed in Activity Category C(commercial/industrial). As a result, thirteen separate areas were analyzed for noise abatement, however none of the thirteen areas meet the federal/state requirements for feasibility and reasonableness. Therefore no noise abatement measures will be included in the project.

TRAFFIC: The Traffic Data Map and Accident Study are documented above.

Lighting/Signal/Signage: Eighteen new overhead sign structures will be erected. The Signage Plan is available.

Traffic Flow/Phasing:. Reconstruction will be accomplished through 16 individual projects.That will allow the work to be phased in an effort to maintain traffic. Although through traffic will be maintained, certain entrance ramps may be closed temporarily to facilitate construction.

Right-of-Way: There are no ROW plans at this time.

Schedule: The interchange is planned to be reconstructed over a 3 to 4 year period beginning in the fall of 2005. Construction info for 2006-2008 is listed above.

Estimated Cost: The total cost of the entire interchange reconstruction is estimated at $41 Million.