July 1, 2002 - Survey Updates

GENERAL SURVEY #1: The first general survey has now ended. The RESULTS are now available. Survey Results.
(If, after reading the results, you have comments or questions, please send them to the NDOR Webmaster and you will be e-mailed a response.)

GENERAL SURVEY #2: The next general survey will be posted here in July, 2002.

CALL FOR MULTI-RESPONDERS: We have acquired a good base of multi-responders from all across the state for the first set of three surveys. These surveys will be sent to those who agreed to be MR's on Friday, May 10th. In late June we will send out a call for the next Multi-Responder Group.


The Nebraska Department of Roads has initiated a regular public survey and input program designed to collect real-time information from volunteers about their driving habits, and their desires and expectations for programs that assist them in that area.

You don't need to be a professional driver to give us input; we want to hear from all types of highway drivers. The general survey topics will cover:

a) The way you as a driver perceive your use of the Nebraska highway system for business and personal travel.
b) How new information and technology can positively affect your driving experience and safety.

If you would like to assist us, there are two categories of responses you can choose from.

One-Time Responder: Intermittent general surveys to which any highway driver can respond. (See above for survey status.)

Multi-Survey Responder: We are seeking a group of survey respondents willing to help us with a short series of topical surveys covering more in-depth transportation issues.

By registering as a Multi-Responder you would be asked to give us some basic background information about yourself and your driving habits. This collected information would be kept private and used only for the survey purposes. As per our Privacy Policy, it would not be given or sold to third parties. (See above for Multi-Responder call status.)


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