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August 01, 2002 Contract Letting
Letting  Information

Last Updated: 08/07/2002 09:17 AM

DBE Commitment (Posted 08-07)

Awards & Rejections  (Posted 08-07)

Apparent Low Bidders (Posted 08-02)

Bid Tabulations  (Posted 08-02)

All EBS amendments for this letting will be applied by
the department.   Bidders will need to download
the new EBL file reflecting these corrections.

Pre-bid Meeting
Minutes - 198thStreet Skyline Drive in Omaha

WITHDRAWN from 08-01-02 Letting
Call Order F10, EACSTPD-2-5(102)
, ON N-2 OVER I-80

The 2002 Letting schedule is available for viewing.