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Contract Letting April 18, 2002

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Call Order Contract ID  Control Number  Project Number Counties
NTC-F02 0599A 00599A BAC-26-1(152) SCOTTS BLUFF
NTC-N04 1621X 12621 RD-2-6(1023) LANCASTER, OTOE
NTC-N05 1625 12625 STR-80-9(1134) LANCASTER
NTC-F06 2720 21720 BRO-TMT-7077(52) SARPY
NTC-F08 2073 22073 STPP-80-9(880) DOUGLAS
NTC-F09 3807 30807 BRO-7054(11) KNOX
NTC-F10 3808 30808 BRO-7054(12) KNOX
NTC-F11 3081 31081 BRO-7019(6) COLFAX
NTC-F12 3274 31274 BRO-7019(8) COLFAX
NTC-F13 3305 31305, 31306 EACSTPE-3925(1), EACSTPE-3925(2)  DAKOTA
NTC-F14 3431A 31431A EACSTPD-32-7(110) BURT
NTC-N15 3584X 31584 RD-22-5(1011) PLATTE
NTC-N16 3617 31617 MISC-20(3) CUMING
NTC-F17 3032X 32032 EACNH-30-6(126) COLFAX
NTC-F18 4387 41387 BRO-7093(18) YORK
NTC-F19 4415B 41415B, 41667 EACSTPE-2235(3), EACIM-STPAA-80-7(100)  HALL
NTC-F20 4502A1 41502A1 EACSTPD-BH-10-2(108) BUFFALO
NTC-F21 4603X 41603 EACSTPD-L10B(102) BUFFALO
NTC-F22 4623X 41623, 42105 EACSTPE-2755(4), EACSTPE-2755(6)  FILLMORE
NTC-F23 4630 41630 EACSTPD-S41B(101) HAMILTON
NTC-F24 4742X 41742 BR-2025(10) BUFFALO
NTC-F25 4909 41909 STPE-2395(3) NUCKOLLS
NTC-N26 4947 41947 TMT-183-2(1004) BUFFALO
NTC-N27 4204 42204 STR-80-7(1024) HALL
NTC-F28 6275 61275 EACIM-80-4(123) LINCOLN
NTC-F29 7982 70982 STPP-25A-1(101) HAYES, DUNDY
NTC-N30 7989 70989 STR-80-7(1024) FRANKLIN
NTC-F31 8635 80635 EACSTPD-11-4(111) GARFIELD, HOLT
NTC-F32 8779 80779 STPP-20-4(122) HOLT