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Chief Standing Bear Bridge

Bridge Design

BOPP Manual
Bridge CAD Files
Inverted Tee Girder Design Aid Package

Mission Statement

We are committed to produce quality plans for the construction of highway structures. Through our bridge management system we strive to assure that bridges are not only safe, but are hydraulically, functionally and structurally sound. We do this in a spirit of teamwork with all Nebraska Department of Roads Divisions, Districts and other organizations, for the benefit of the people.




Lyman D. Freemon, Division Engineer
Bridge Pagemaster


Division Responsibilities

Bridge Division is responsible for:

  • Design and plan preparation for bridges, culverts and overhead sign structures on the Nebraska highway system.

  • Coordinate the consultant design of bridge projects.

  • Hydraulic design of stream bridges and evaluation of the effects on the floodplain.

  • Steel bridge fabrication inspection.

  • Bridge management, appraisal and special plans.

  • Bridge research, rating, permits and special loads.

  • Develop the Bridge Office Policies and Procedures manual (BOPP).

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BOPP Manual

 Bridge Office Policies and Procedures manual (BOPP) is the official reference source to be used by NDOR bridge engineers, designers, detailers and consultants retained by the NDOR Bridge office.

The BOPP Manual can be saved while your viewing it by clicking on the 'Save a Copy' icon at the top of Adobe Reader, or in some Browsers click on File->Save.  Save as a PDF file.

View Online BOPP Manual (PDF format) 6M

Note that saving this BOPP Manual PDF file will Not include the Bridge Detail plans viewed from Chapter 6. 

To get the plan sheets, all zipped into one file, click on the 'Chapter 6 Base sheets' link listed in the Download box.

Download BOPP manual file and chapter 6 file click here.


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Continuous Inverted Tee Girder - Design Aid Package

(Updated and Expanded)


  • IT Bridge Standards Policy

  • Design Tables/Girder Data

  • Girder Design Philosophy

  • Sample Details/Bridge Sheets


Bridge CAD Files

The  Bridge division CAD files are created using Bentley System's MicroStation/JŪ CAD program, and are the standard approved files to be used by our Bridge Division personnel and Consultants producing Bridge Plans for the Nebraska Department of Roads Bridge Division.

Note that we are no longer updating Metric CAD files. English Base Sheets and Cell Libraries are to be modified with the proper conversion factors and used for Metric projects.


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Download Self-Extracting Zip Files

Format: MicroStationJ/v7 - English Units

ebaseshts.exe - Base sheets                                                                                      ebridge.exe - CAD  files needed to detail Bridge Plans (instructions, seed        files,fonts,etc)                                                                                                                                    ecells.exe - Cell libraries                                                                               itg_designaid2.exe - Continuous Inverted Tee Girder design aid                                            Chapter 6 Base sheets - Detail plan sheets for BOPP chapter 6 2005_bopp_manual.exe - BOPP manual, chapters 1-6
File Name File size Last Updated
2005_bopp_manual.exe 6.4M 8-12-05
ch6_baseshts.exe 12.7M 6-7-05
itg_designaid2.exe 6.0M 8-15-05
ebaseshts.exe 3.7M 6-7-05
ebridge.exe 0.8M 4-7-00
ecells.exe 1.1M 6-7-05


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