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Shown here is the Elastomeric Bearing Pad test equipment, and an actual bearing pad for reference.

The pad dimensions are verified by either English or Metric measurement. Durometer requirements are tested by using the calibrated Durometer gauge. To determine if the pad is Neoprene or Natural Rubber construction, the copper wire with insulated steel handle is heated to red hot and then touched to the pad’s surface. The resulting fumes are then drawn through a Bunsen burner intake and if the pad is made of Neoprene, the blue flame turns green. There is a saying in the lab, “If its green, its Neoprene”.

To expedite the Laboratory report, field personnel are encouraged to send in the manufacturer’s certifications along with the bearing pad(s) to be tested. The information provided from these certifications is crosschecked with the project plans and specifications. The certifications also provide us with a test result for the “Brittleness Test” which we do not perform.