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Purchase Card Program FAQ's
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What is the purchasing card?

A cost efficient alternative to issuing a purchase order or accounting coding document. Typical examples would be supplies, repairs and materials.

Are there spending limits associated with the purchasing card?

Yes. The maximum single transaction limit is $1499.99 and the maximum monthly limit is $10,000. A billing cycle is approximately 30 days, beginning the 24th of one month and ending on the 23rd of the next.

How does the purchasing system work?

When a card holder uses their purchasing card, the vendor sends their transaction to
U S Bank. U S Bank pays the vendors. U S Bank provides a file to the Controller Division to download on Mondays. Once the file has been imported into the Procurement Card System (PCS) by Controller, U S Bank is paid. The reconcilers are notified that the file is ready for them to reconcile.

Can the purchasing card be used for travel?

No. Current travel policies remain in effect.

Do we pay sales tax?

No. We do not pay sales tax for purchases from Nebraska vendors.

What do you do when returning an item or crediting a sales tax charge?

The vendor needs to credit the purchasing card and you need to get a receipt for the credit. Code the credit the same way the charge was coded. If you have a charge with sales tax, the vendor normally will credit the original receipt and then process a new charge without sales tax included. This will result in three transactions in the PCS. If you do not receive a receipt for the credit, make a copy of the original charge receipt and indicate that this is a credit.

Why are certain types of purchases or vendors restricted?

Each vendor has a merchant code that describes the type of business they provide. The use of the purchasing card is restricted to certain merchant codes that are regulated by Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Accounting. Purchase of certain items are also restricted. Examples of these are airline tickets, fuel, food, lodging, and items included in an existing Statewide Contract.

Why was my purchasing card denied by the vendor?

1. Merchant code problem.
2. Card holder has reached his monthly limit or is trying to purchase something over the $1499.99 single transaction limit.